Travel-Friendly Ear Protection for Hunting Trips

So you’re going on a hunting trip with your buddies, and you’re packing up all your supplies to take with you. Your pack is heavy and overflowing, and you want to lighten the load.

Below are some tips and tricks to bring and maintain quality shooting ear protection on your hunting trips.

Howard Leight shooter earplugsEar Protection Travel Tips for Hunters

  1. Start with earplugs.

If you are really short on space, earplugs are the obvious solution. Squeeze in a small pack of disposables or bring two sets [in case you lose one] of multi-use earplugs for shooting and hunting that will get you through the whole trip. You could try something like , which have an NRR of 25, a travel cord, and even come in a pack of two for only $6!

  1. Bring a second toothbrush.

I know you’re tight on space, but you’ll thank me for it. Have one brush for your teeth and one for your ear protection. With a little bit of water, you can use the brush to clean your earplugs after each use. This will help keep them fresh and hygienic so you won’t have to bring a whole pack with you.

  1. ear defendersGet a pair of light, foldable earmuffs.

If you’re a tried and true earmuffs guy, you can find a lot of foldable, lightweight, and slim hunting earmuffs on the market. They may not as durable and comfortable as typical earmuffs, but they get the job done. Again from Howard Leight you can find Honeywell Ultraslim Floding Earmuffs for only $16 with an NRR of 23. For more details on the best earmuffs for shooting, go read this post.

  1. Attach your ear protection case to the outside of your pack.

If you have a separate case for your earmuffs, stuff a pair of earplugs inside too—and you can maybe even fit your eyewear in. You can then use a carabiner to attach the case to the outside of your pack, so it won’t take up any extra space and you can have easy and quick access.

What not to do:

  • Share earplugs with your buddies. If you bring an extra pair, you can give it to your buddy, but do not take it back. This can spread bacteria and germs that could cause an infection, cutting your hunting trip premature. And by the way, it may sound obvious, but you should also avoid sharing your earphones – from the very same reasons, naturally.
  • Put your earplugs back in after dropping them on the ground. Same bacteria and infection rules apply. If you happen to drop your earplugs, take a new pair, don’t use the dirty ones.
  • Forget bringing ear protection altogether. You’re a smart cookie and you know how damaging gunshot firing can be to your ears. You don’t want to ruin your trip by losing your hearing short term or permanently.

There are plenty of solutions to ensure that your ear device is travel-friendly, clean, and protective. Whether you’re an earplug or earmuffs person, take them with you to keep your ears happy on your hunting trip. The added quiet can even help you focus on the hunt more. So go get out there and give it your best shot.

Happy hunting!

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