Which Corded Ear Plugs Are Worth Buying?

What are corded ear plugs? Well, you’ve probably guessed it already. These are a pair of regular ear plugs that are attached together on each end of a cord, usually made of vinyl or plastic. Such ear plugs with cord allow users to quickly remove and replace their ear plugs during frequent periods of use and non-use. The presence of the string makes it possible to simply hang the plugs around the neck, removing the plugs quickly and simply, and of course inserting them again rapidly and easily.

Ear Plugs With String Worth Buying

If you’ve read our previous guides then you already know that we love product comparison tables! We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t compile a convienent table here for you. This time however, there are just two brands that jointly dominated our corded earplugs rating: Howard Leight and 3M. We found their products not only high quality but also very effective in terms of NRR, with few products getting as much as 33 NRR which is the maximum available.

PictureModelNoise Reduction TypePackOur Rating
.Howard Leight LL-30 bulk32dBfoam100 pair5.0
.3M TEKK E-A-R Corded bulk28dBfoam100 pair4.9
.Howard Leight MAX-30 bulk33 dBfoam100 pair4.8
.3M E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon33dBfoam100 pair4.8
.Howard Leight R-01520 Smart Fit 2-pair25 dBtriple-flange2 pair4.6
.3M triple-flange 3-pair25 dBtriple-flange3 pair4.6

Corded Ear Plugs: What Is Good To Know

Ear plugs with cord are most often used in factories or areas where there are loud machines and where an employee needs to move from a noisy area to a quiet area reasonably frequently. The cord between the ear plugs also means that the ear plugs are more easily detected and retrieved if they are dropped or lost at work.

The most commonly-used and affordable corded plugs are constructed from foam and attached together with a flexible plastic cord. These types of ear plugs are inexpensive and reasonably hard wearing and most often used by employers who need to supply their workforce with hearing protection.

Corded ear plugs are also popular with gun enthusiasts who use a firing range or perhaps enjoy clay pigeon shooting. These ear plugs for shooting can be easily inserted before firing a firearm, and easily removed when finished. This is important as the plugs protect the ear from damage from high-decibel noise, but they can also make hearing of conversation and general communication very difficult, so it is practical to be able to insert and remove the ear plugs with as little difficulty as possible.

There is one other major benefit of using corded ear plugs rather than using individual plugs – they are more difficult to lose if one ear plug happens to drop out unexpectedly from one ear. The other plug will usually remain in place, retaining the cord and second ear plug without it falling onto a dirty floor surface after which it would require thorough cleaning before reinsertion.

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