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Silence is the new black – that’s what they say. We agree. We live in times when most of us are exposed to a dangerous noise levels. We live in noisy cities, walk the noise streets wearing headphones and listening loud music. Sometimes, we just want to hear nothing. We want to chillout, we want to sleep well – there are so many different reasons.

Here at earplugsguide.com, our mission is to introduce you to the concept of wearing ear plugs whenever you want to go into a “silent mode” or want to protect your hearing whilst staying in a noisy environment. We provide independend reviews of the hearing protection gear and we strive to deliver first-hand, quality recommendations to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Testing various types of ear plugs is our passion and we hope you, as well as other readers of our blog, will find our articles and advices useful.

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